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Wellness Glow Up Podcast

Dec 30, 2018

Episode number two of the Wellness Glow Up podcast is a solo episode where Kayla talks about the lack of diversity within the health and wellness space and how the conversation can be shifted to a more inclusive space overall.  

As Kayla was working through fixing her larger health issues, she noticed that the...

Dec 30, 2018

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Wellness Glow Up podcast! In this first episode, Kayla will be introducing herself and talking about her wellness glow up.

This episode includes…

  • How Kayla grew up
  • Feeling “different”
  • Finding a sense of self
  • Navigating the world
  • Loss
  • Massive amounts of stress
  • Bouncing back

Dec 1, 2018

Welcome to Wellness Glow Up, a community devoted to empowering women of color to prioritize nourishment of the mind, body, & soul. I’m your host Kayla Nedza, certified International Health Coach and founder of Wellness Glow Up Media. If you're looking to dive deep into topics around all things physical,...