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Wellness Glow Up Podcast

Feb 3, 2020

Relationships have always been a huge part of anyone's life, but Kayla dives deep into one of the most reflective times in her life as she discusses one of her long term relationships.

In this episode, as this month is notorious for a month of love and relationships, Kayla is discussing one of her past relationships that helped her to reflect on her own tendencies as it relates to being a partner. Any 8-year span of a relationship is enough time to go through ups and downs in any partnership, and for Kayla, that was especially true as she had to come face to face with how she was going to show up in the world and her relationships. Today, Kayla is sharing her insight on the importance of self awareness, self confidence, and self love to be able to show up fully in any relationship.

She discusses:

  • Her story of her first real relationship and how it evolved over the years. 
  • Having thoughts of self judgement, advocating for herself in a relationship, and taking a deeper look at her role within a relationship.
  • The difference between being in a state of flow and actively trying to control situations that aren't in alignment.
  • Her experience with cheating as it relates to self love.
  • The seduction of destruction and the hold it can have if you don't address it head on.
  • And more!

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