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Wellness Glow Up Podcast

Apr 20, 2020

In this episode, Kayla chops it up with Erika del Pozo!

Erika del Pozo, MOT, OTR/L is an occupational therapist and CEO and co-founder of Joy Energy Time, a media and events company offering resources around burnout, stress, and holistic wellness in order to support the personal growth and well-being of healthcare professionals.

She's also the co-host of the Burnt Out to Lit Up Podcast, a holistic wellness show for healthcare professionals. Erika has worked with several distinguished continuing education agencies, creating short and long evidence-based courses around holistic and multi-level approaches to address burnout and mental health in healthcare.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Erika's personal experiences with burnout as it relates to her career
  • The difference between stress, burnout, and having a bad day every once in awhile - how we can discern between them 
  • The 6 major reasons why we get burnt out at work - and how to take steps to not only see our own burn out, but heal
  • The importance of self awareness as it relates to burnout
  • Real talk on the fine line we walk as women of color in predominantly white spaces in the work force - and its' link to burnout
  • And so much more!

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