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Wellness Glow Up Podcast

Mar 2, 2020

On the outside looking in, you would think that Kayla had everything going for her, but on the inside she was all over the place. 

Today she's going solo dolo by sharing her experience with burnout and how she got to where she's at today with coaching women to navigate their own burnout. 

From mental health concerns, amenorrhea, binging, and eventual burnout and adrenal fatigue, she came to understand that there are so many factors that holistically impact your ability to get out of your head and into your heart. 

Today, Kayla is going deep to lay out the 5 essential points you need to know as you're navigating your own burnout and deciding what to do about it. 

She discusses:

  • Her story of her 2x burnout experience
  • How to discern between stress as a hormonal response and  not ignoring those responses
  • The importance of feeling your feelings, but not letting them take over through the language you use
  • Fully living in the human experience by practicing self compassion
  • Why you're stressing about things that haven't even happened yet - what that says about your current state of your thoughts
  • Why boundaries are the most critical, yet most difficult thing you can do to heal from burn out
  • And more!

This episode is brought to you by:

Women Creating Calm

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