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Wellness Glow Up Podcast

Mar 30, 2020

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt incredibly self conscious about the way your body looks. At some point or another it’s a feeling we’ve all had (unfortunately) since we were young and it progresses as we get older. You're not alone sis. 

In today’s solo episode with Kayla, she shares how she has dealt with body stuff head on. Although we get so many messages on the daily about what our bodies "should" look like, Kayla has learned the importance of how our energy can be shifted to create more acceptance in a world of non-acceptance. 

Kayla has been working with these thoughts since elementary school, and with the evolution of her own body, she questions the reasoning behind why we don't accept all body types in this day in age. She shares her insights as it relates to women of color's bodies being policed for centuries, why she avoided doing this inner work for a long time, and ways to shift the narrative we have of our bodies based on the stories we tell ourselves about them.

She's also talking about:

  • Kayla's journey with her body acceptance

  • The difference between body acceptance and body positivity

  • How self care and self love played a critical part in her healing journey as it relates to her body

  • The role that binge eating plays in body acceptance

  • Why it's crucial to change the language surrounding our bodies to fully accept them


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