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Wellness Glow Up Podcast

Aug 10, 2020

In today's solo dolo episode, Kayla's talking about one of the most requested topics: how she copes with her depression and anxiety symptoms. 

From Mental Health America, "18.57% of adults are experiencing a mental health illness, equivalent to 45 million Americans." Kayla dives deep into her experience with mental illness and how she copes with her depression and anxiety every day. She's had several modalities that she has used to cope, such as therapy, holistic methods, and medications, and she discusses them at length. As she's been able to manage her symptoms and be proactive about knowing what helps her feel her best, she wants to share this message and knowledge in hopes that it will help someone else. Whether you're someone that has been coping with mental health, has just been diagnosed, or has a loved one with mental health, she's sharing what's been most impactful for her. 

She also talks about:

  • Kayla's history with mental health.
  • The signs and symptoms that showed up for her that she couldn't ignore. 
  • The difference between how her anxiety and depression showed up - and how they showed up together. 
  • Her proven DCMPRES method that has helped her to cope with her symptoms and feel her best. 
  • The importance of showing up for yourself everyday when you have anxiety and depression. 
  • How you can best support someone living with mental health.
  • Key reminders for yourself if you're coping with mental health symptoms. 

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