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Wellness Glow Up Podcast

Apr 15, 2019

In this episode, Kayla talks to Asha Tarry, life coach and psychotherapist. 

As a treating provider, Asha has the expertise and skill to transform lives. The work she provides as a life coach to individuals, couples, groups and small business entrepreneurs is based in the philosophy that we all need each other to grow and develop as human beings. Asha’s unique approach to life coaching is based on an innate desire to see people succeed and live a life by design, with love and purpose! She is curious, transparent, and supportive of her clients in fulfilling their goals. 

As a psychotherapist, Asha has provided counseling to hundreds of clients with challenges in several areas of their lives, including intergenerational trauma, immigrant assimilation and acculturation, sexual, psychological and physical abuse, severe mental illness, and workplace aggression, just to list a few. She has been called upon to discuss mental health issues to both small and large audiences as an expert on health panels, a guest on national radio broadcasts and as a writer & consultant for publications and special projects, including films.

This episode includes…

  • Working with a life coaching versus working with a psychotherapist

  • The difference between mental illness and mental health

  • How to find the right therapist

  • Why millennials are shifting the paradigm of being more open to therapy services

  • And so much more!


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