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Wellness Glow Up Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

From Psych Central, "conscious communication is a way of talking and listening that is focused on growing strong, mutually enriching relationships." Kayla is diving deep into her experience as she's been working to shift from a non conscious to conscious understanding of her communication in relationships. This has...

May 25, 2020

Are you living in the here and now with your relationships? Tough question we know.

When you’re starting a (potential) new relationship, it is so energizing within those early stages if you're both on the same page. This week, Kayla talks about one of her relationships that she learned a lot from; the good — how she...

May 4, 2020

In this episode, Kayla chops it up with Shena Tubbs!

Shena Tubbs is a Relational Trauma and Love Addiction Expert, Coach, and Licensed Professional Counselor based out of Houston, TX. She is the founder of Black Girls Heal, and online community dedicated to helping women of color break the cycles of unavailable...