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Wellness Glow Up Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

From Psych Central, "conscious communication is a way of talking and listening that is focused on growing strong, mutually enriching relationships." Kayla is diving deep into her experience as she's been working to shift from a non conscious to conscious understanding of her communication in relationships. This has been the key to many eye opening and enlightening lessons she's learned about herself as she understands the role she plays in being responsible to up level her communication. Whether you want to have better relationships or focus on your own communication, there are so many dope things that can come from focusing on the consciousness involved. 

She also talks about:

  • How & why she's shifted her conversations to be more conscious
  • An example from her personal life of the importance of conscious communication 
  • Understanding and embodying someone's love language
  • Holding authentic space for communication and conversation
  • Actively listening + following up with corresponding body language
  • Being conscious of the language she's using in communication
  • How to pause to observe the role we play in the communication 

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