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Wellness Glow Up Podcast

Jul 20, 2020

In today's solo dolo episode, Kayla's talking about one of the biggest components of her wellness journey: cultivating her femininity. 

There are so many components of being in both masculine and feminine energy regardless of gender, but for women of color there's a societal component to it as well. Kayla shares a brief history of her relationship with femininity and how she began to look at her own childhood that shaped her views on femininity. Kayla also shares how her period was impacted in light of distancing herself from her femininity and gives tangible ways to reconnect with it that goes beyond what you normally hear in the holistic wellness space. While we all have both masculine and feminine energy, Kayla wanted to share her insights to step into our highest feminine self. 

She also talks about:

  • The impact of how society at large sees WOC and femininity. 
  • Kayla's history with femininity as it relates to her family history.
  • Why Kayla veered more towards masculine energy growing up and chose to be more in her masculine.
  • How her period has been impacted by being more in her masculine energy.
  • The importance of practicing receiving as it relates to femininity. 
  • The different ways to be in your feminine. 
  • How Kayla began to understand her cycle better as she worked to reclaim her period.

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