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Wellness Glow Up Podcast

Dec 30, 2018

Episode number two of the Wellness Glow Up podcast is a solo episode where Kayla talks about the lack of diversity within the health and wellness space and how the conversation can be shifted to a more inclusive space overall.  

As Kayla was working through fixing her larger health issues, she noticed that the information was majorly targeted towards a particular group of people that didn’t represent her. She wanted more information that spoke to her as a woman of color and more representation in the space as she was limited to seeing very few people of color within the influencer space. Rather than trying to look for more people that represented her, she decided to speak up and start on her own path to speaking up for those who feel underrepresented She vowed to provide more information to those people who need more information tailored to them.

In the wellness space there are 2 types of people: allies (people who are helping to eradicate this issue) and adversaries (people who oppose and resist). Basically, you’re either helping the cause in diversifying wellness or you’re resisting the cause directly through your actions or words, or sometimes inadvertently through assimilation.  

This episode includes…

  • The lack of representation and inclusivity she saw when she was looking to improve her health
  • Working in the wellness industry
  • What are allies in the health and wellness space
  • What are adversaries in the health and wellness space
  • How assimilation plays a role in being an adversary
  • Steps we can take to change the landscape of the health and wellness space


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