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Wellness Glow Up Podcast

May 27, 2019

Today, Kayla shares her unique experience during her trip to Colombia. She felt that it was important to share her own unique experience, explain what scared her, what she found to be transformative and what wasn’t.  Even though Kayla feels that she is still discovering her journey and receiving downloads on the lessons she’s meant to learn, she wanted to share her experience thus far.  For her, the most profound takeaways have been in the subtle moments. As always, this solo episode is as honest as it gets!

 Kayla talks about:

  • Feeling her trip to Colombia call her
  • The reservations that Kayla had in returning to her home country
  • The four questions to ask yourself when you're coming back to yourself
  • Allowing herself to operate from the heart
  • Being shown her opportunities 
  • Making space for receiving the lessons the Universe needed to tell her
  • Calling in what she wants
  • Stretching her energetic field to a point of discomfort

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