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Wellness Glow Up Podcast

Sep 23, 2019

Kayla is riding solo in today’s special episode! She digs into her experience with grief and loss, and the incredible impact it’s had on her life. Kayla has experienced grief after her Mom's passing 5 years ago and has had a non traditional path of healing. Since her passing, Kayla has started to see changes in the way she treats herself, and now has tools to connect to her feelings and find more presence in the everyday. Today’s share is open, vulnerable, and raw—plus includes some lessons to learn about how she's began to create her branding!

 We also talk about:

  • Her mother passing
  • Kayla’s physical experience during mourning on feeling vs. thinking
  • Working through depression and anxiety
  • Learning the true meaning of an influencer through her Mom
  • The art of listening vs hearing
  • Showing up for others
  • Showing up for your real-time feelings
  • Leading with kindness and empathy  

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