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Wellness Glow Up Podcast

May 25, 2020

Are you living in the here and now with your relationships? Tough question we know.

When you’re starting a (potential) new relationship, it is so energizing within those early stages if you're both on the same page. This week, Kayla talks about one of her relationships that she learned a lot from; the good — how she was able to grow from it  — and the bad — her struggle with wavering on who she really was. She shares why this particular situation ship was so impactful, how she pivoted when she was given the opportunity, how she actually knew when this relationship wasn't it, and what happened over the course of 10 years with this situationship. She gets real and raw about the mistakes she made while wanting to build something that wasn't real and how that's impacted her future relationships. 

We also talk about:

  • Looking at yourself & your reasons for wanting to be in a relationship
  • Ignoring the red flags
  • Buying into what society tells us as women in relationships - and why being forth coming is frowned upon
  • Why the biggest mistake you can make is living in the past or the future
  • Being realistic about your situationship
  • Pivoting with discernment
  • Recognizing the signs that it’s time to dip

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