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Wellness Glow Up Podcast

Sep 21, 2020

In today's solo dolo episode, Kayla's talking about the importance of giving yourself permission to be in progress. 

From Merriam-Webster, being a work in progress means "a project that is not yet finished." Kayla dives deep into her recent experiences and callings to talk more about how we can exist within the concept of being in progress as we navigate the rest of 2020. Throughout her life, Kayla has shifted from a life full of expectations and pressure, to one of flow, ease, and in a constant state of learning as she's progressing into the highest version of herself. As she's made these shifts in the past couple of years, she's sharing those best practices on how to live and embody being in progress. Whether you're someone that has struggled with feeling the need to be perfect, or wants to cultivate more acceptance with where you're at now, she's sharing what's been most impactful for her. 

She also talks about:

  • Her experience with feeling like she always needed to have the answers and be an "expert."
  • Understanding the duality that exists in the world.
  • Cultivating presence through micro joys - and how presence is the predecessor to being in progress.
  • How you know the work is working. 
  • The importance of understanding that being in progress is equivalent to being human.
  • How you can best step into your ability to be in progress and enjoy the process.

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